Monday, February 21, 2005

Joel Connelly, PI Columnist of The Left: In the Northwest: Inflexibility on Abortion Issue Hurting Democrats

In today's PI, Joel Connelly, hard-left columnist for the Seattle PI, hits the target when he focuses on the inflexibility of democrats on the abortion issue.

Similar to the typically nonsensical slate of candidates democrats put up here locally for legislative elections, democrats as a whole despise anyone, and I emphasize ANYONE who happens to disagree with this mainstay of the nationwide democrat platform: rabid pro-choice at-all-costs candidates.

While I believe Pam Brokaw would have lost to Richard Curtis under almost any circumstance, her dogged insistence on supporting ALL abortion, to include late-term, partial-birth abortion; a stance so desperately needed for her to have local party support, simultaneously doomed her chances within the conservative 18th District.

This serves as a cautionary tale for the democrats, and Connelly has picked up on it and figured it out. Regardless of your position on the abortion issue, democrat intolerance on the issue hurts them, badly, (Much like Republican intolerence on a variety of issues hurts Republican causes.) and will continue to do so as long as they continue their bigoted position on the issue.

Republicans, as a whole, do not support the pro-choice position. But they rarely deny pro-choice Republicans the right to speak as a matter of policy. Democrats talk about their "Big Tent," but on this pivotal issue, the Republicans are light years ahead of their democrat colleagues.

Democrats frequently win the battle for purposes of determining their candidates... and then, with equal frequency, proceed to lose the War post haste.

Connelly picks up on that and sounds the alarm. This is a good read for democrats locked in their "Our way or the highway" mind set, as well as for Republicans who need to understand that their grasp on this issue may be slipping. But here locally, at least, the only thing that will change the mind set of the rabidly ultra-leftists in charge of the democrats will be their deaths from old age... which will serve to continue the majority representation of Clark County by Republicans for years to come... assuming local Republicans do not become even more organizationally incompetent than they are currently.... but that's for another entry.

Monday, February 21, 2005
In The Northwest: Inflexibility on abortion issue is hurting Democrats


As teams report for spring training, it's time to pitch a nugget of advice to victory-starved Democrats: Send Casey up to bat!


Anonymous said...


No Democrat period was going to win in the 18th this past election cycle. Dave Seabrook is willing to compromise on abortion and parental notification, and he still got beat.


Brad said...

For Seabrook to get the support of democrats, to the Party he had to appear to be liberal on the issues. NOTHING was published or spoke of in any way that would indicate Seabrook was Pro-Life. And the irony here is that, had the democrats ran an obviously conservative democrat such as Tim Sheldon or Steve Hargrove... Zarelli probably would have lost due to that unemployment nonsense he was involved in.

The point that I'm making, and ultra-leftist Connelly is tending to support is this: If you democrats continue to run candidates that do not reflect the mainstream values of the country as a whole, or legislative districts in particular, merely because you will not tolerate dissent (how many pro-life democrats spoke at your convention?) then you will continue to lose in places like the 18th.

All this talk about democrats and diversity MUST extend to diversity of thought as well as gender, race and sexual orientation.

Thanks for stopping by.

Brad said...

Sorry... I MEANT Seantor JIM Hargrove (D-Grays Harbor)... not Steve, who was a conservative Republican House member from Poulsbo in 95 and 96.