Friday, September 14, 2018

As anyone knew, the court ordered the teachers back to work. Will the Battle Ground teachers continue to break the law?

So, I happen to be one of those who are despising local teachers more and more because of their effort to extort a completely undeserved pay raise.

Now, the result of their extortion is that they're illegally engaging in a strike action, which is illegal under state law.

So ruled Judge Scott Collier.

Now, the teachers, having proven they don't give a damn about the children or their families, many of whom are suffering financial hardship of their own due to unexpected and unaffordable expense of day care because these thugs are holding an academic gun to the heads of the school district, will, of course, whine... and bitch... and moan... about how tough they've got it... how they'll starve and their kids will die and all of the other lies these people can... and have... make up.

The problem?

I and many, many others simply don't care how bad teachers claim to have it for their massive salaries they get for their 180 day work year and their ridiculously abysmal academic outcomes.  (Yesterday, the Seattle Times printed the results of last year's testing and wouldn't you know it?  High School sophomores just BARELY exceed a STUNNINGLY low 40% being at grade level.  Does that sound like the work of people who think they deserve a massive and unjustifiable raise?)

In this instance, Judge Scott Collier (who had worked for me on a case before putting on those robes) nailed the teachers and their union.

If he indicated what would happen to these thugs when they blew him off as I expect they will, the article did not mention it.

They've been ordered to be back to work on Monday.

When they ignore him, I seriously hope that by COB Monday, every one of the union leadership is arrested and locked up... until such time as the thugs actually DO go back to work.

And then, starting Tuesday, I hope that Judge Collier proceeds to work his way through the alphabet beginning with the letter "A" and lock up every teacher that refuses to work.

It's time these thugs were taught a lesson.  And in the future, the SECOND any of these punks even utter the WORD "strike," the first thing a school district should do is get in front of a judge to have the union understand that the second the union goes on strike, the leadership of the union will be locked up, and the teachers who refuse to work will be locked up with them.

But that's just me.

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Unknown said...

Arrested and locked up? The striking teachers should be fired and disqualified from ever working in the district in any capacity at any time in the future. The Union leaders should be arrested and locked up. The school district should immediately begin hiring replacement teachers.