Friday, September 14, 2018

OK, folks, in the next election, remember to vote GOP.... no matter how badly you might not want to.

Look, I get it.  It's hard to vote Republican sometimes when those running are as Republican as my Spaniel.

Still, party loyalty can be an important element of any kind of political organization.

Here locally, several PCO's for example, did not vote Republican in the last primary and, in fact, voted against the Republican by supporting Marc Boldt instead of Eileen Quiring.

None of those past chairs have, to date, appeared to have endorsed Quiring now that Boldt has lost, either.  Does that mean they'll be voting for the democrat?

That's not the first time, of course; in the last election for county chair, five past county chairs voted against Republican candidate Rep. Liz Pike for that position... which included a Republican PCO setting up a fake Republican PAC to actually SUPPORT nonRepublican Boldt.

Three of those same former chairs endorsed Marc Boldt in this most recent primary as well.

And, in 2016, our own Congresswoman wrote in Speaker Paul Ryan for president.  Should anyone get upset if it was found that people wrote in Speaker Ryan for Congresswoman Herrera Buetler's seat in return?  Or some other Republican of note?

How could anyone in the GOP regime get mad if I, for example, wrote in Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers for the local congressional seat?

How could ANYONE in the GOP hierarchy declare such an action to be wrong in any way?

Which gave me an idea that, well, I'm going to pass on to all of you:

If you cannot stomach the Republican candidate running for the offices you're voting on, instead of voting for the democrat, all you have to do is write in a Republican.

That way, you can maintain your party loyalty better than at least 5 former party chairs whose endorsement of Marc Boldt PROVES they have no party loyalty, along with certain other PCO's (Crain) and others who dumped the party whenever they felt like it.

No one did or said anything about that, of course.  Because certain people who can't stand conservatives get a pass in the current regime.

So, remember: if you are a Republican, make sure you vote Republican.

Do it proudly.  ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS vote Republican.  Just because several past Chairs set an example to be ashamed of by dumping the Party when THEY felt like it, doesn't mean you have to follow THEIR example, now does it?

After all, we wouldn't want anyone in party leadership to lecture anyone because they may have done the exact same thing... all while giving these past chairs and fake Republican PAC scammers a pass.... would we?

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Unknown said...

I can not in good conscience vote for a candidate that i do not respect. Thus, I can not vote for any Democrat as the party platform is completely counter to the best interests of the country. However, just because a "Republican" candidate claims to be "associated with the Republican party" it does not mean that they have gained my respect. The worthless Jaime Herrera-Buetler has NOT earned either my respect nor my vote. I will write in "Paul Ryan" as Ms. Herrera-Buetler suggested in the previous presidential election. It's the ONE and probably the only good idea she has ever had.

My wife says, "what if the Democrats take oner the house and impeach President Trump?" I say, it requires a 2/3 vote of the Senate to "convict" under impeachment ... and the likelihood that there will be enough votes for conviction is pretty slim (even if the Dems take over both houses of Congress). In the end, just as the Republicans were harmed by impeaching Bill Clinton, the Democrats will find that the voting public will not applaud their impeachment efforts. It is only a very small and limited group of radical leftist agitators (who have taken over the Democratic party) that think it's a good idea to impeach Trump. It will not end well for them.