Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I would oppose any candidate who has people working for him like this: Romney Camp takes down hundreds of Santorum Signs; Cops Watch.

I HATE this kind of thing.  As someone who has put UP thousands of signs, I hate it when thugs from another campaign take them down; I PARTICULARLY hate it when the cops don't do anything about it. 

Busted on Video: Romney Camp Takes Down Hundreds of Santorum Signs; Cops Watch

by Rebel Pundit
In Michigan, Santorum supporters planted hundreds of campaign signs in Shelby Township prior to Mitt Romney’s appearance today.  Some of these signs were planted alongside sidewalks and roadways across from and surrounding the Romney campaign stop.  Approximately two hours before the scheduled event, Romney campaign staffers, including Dennis Lennox of Topinabee, MI, began planting Romney signs in front of the location.  Around the same time, several other people, who refused to identify themselves, began uprooting hundreds of Santorum signs along the roadway leading to the event.  Signs placed at a commercial intersection were also removed.
When asked to explain his actions, Santorum supporters were confronted with obscenities from one person removing signs.  He claimed to be unaffiliated with the Romney campaign.
One officer on the scene, Lou Francis, refused to assist in retrieving stolen campaign signs valued at over $1500.

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LewWaters said...

The pettiest part of campaigns. How ridiculous to remove or deface an opponents signs.

Just a guy said...

I just... this kind of petty BS has ALWAYS infuriated me... which is why I not only never knocked down or took anyone's sign, I'd repair anyone's damaged sign and I returned 150 or so signs to the democrats that I'd picked up from the DOT yard at 39th and Main and took them back to dem HQ's when I was making a GOP sign run.