Saturday, October 30, 2010

Congrats to Chief Bridger/Loot Railers Steve "Easy Money" Stuart and Tim "The Liar" Leavitt for vaporizing $108 million on their unwanted project.

Yeah, keeping "Easy Money" in office has done so much to screw us already. And The Liar's deliberately misleading campaign against tolls... well, look what that's brought us: $108 million have vaporized to date... with hundreds of millions to go.

Besides his obvious corruption, this massive waste of money stands as the main testament as to why Easy Money is unfit to be the commissioner. And The Liar? Well, it's pretty clear he'll do or say anything to get elected... and then forget all about the suckers who voted for him. But what else can you expect from a fake Republican who's endorsed Obama and Fatty Patty?

Good job, gang. I'm sure you'll be screwing us a great deal more before it's over.

But we'll remember.

Oh yes... we'll remember.

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Anonymous said...

Kelly, you have to stand in correction. Royce Pollard was the mayor at the time that most of this was put into practice and had more political sway than little C-tran Tim Leavitt.

Royce is the one who is the most responsible for the Bridge getting started....

K.J. Hinton said...

Forgive me, Anon, but I have to disagree.

Leavitt campaigned on a promise to oppose tolls... a promise I knew, and repeatedly told anyone who would listen, was totally and completely false.

I supported Pollard even though I opposed his positions on this because of the two of them, Pollard was by far the most honest.

Leavitt was there for several years as a part of Pollard's Amen Choir. He did nothing to oppose this massive waste of billions, or the tolls he KNEW would be required to build it, until he ran for mayor. He lied to get elected by making up an untrue position (Opposing tolls) ditched that as soon as he could and has done absolutely nothing to stop this thing even though he is well positioned to lead the opposition.

Leavitt NEVER opposed tolls. He lied thru his teeth when he said he did.

Pollard ALWAYS supported tolls. And while I passionately disagreed with that position, at least he told the truth.

Leavitt could stop this entire project now if he was of a mind to. But with Steve Stuart running his campaign to become mayor, do you honestly believe that he ever opposed tolls?

Of course not.

Leavitt and Stuart are the ones here now. They could kill this deal in a second, but instead they are shackling 65,000 commuters and their families, along with the $100,000,000 or more yearly hole they're blowing into our local economy... which is what they intended to do from the start... in addition to vaporizing $108,000,000 for a project we do not need, want or can afford.

Otherwise, they'd put this whole project to a vote. And you haven't seen that, have you?

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