Sunday, October 18, 2009

The first day of my self-imposed NFL boycott.

I'm putting this together in my home office, where I spend part of most every day, staying up on the issues.

It's 10:15 Sunday, and my TV is off the NFL for the first time ever on a Sunday.

It's off -permanently- and will stay off forever from any NFL game, pre-game or show of any kind.

Watching it now is the same thing as watching a play put on by the Klan. It's as distasteful and angering as watching an American nazi party rally. It's as sickening as an Obama press conference... or another Tim "The Liar" Leavitt whiney, snivelling news clip.

Our freedom as a people will not be lost over night. It will be lost in barely noticeable, baby steps... slowly, inexorably, away from our rights to express thoughts and ideas that those in power don't particularly appreciate.

Our freedoms aren't all that important for the majority. Their importance comes in when the issue is the freedoms of the minority.

The rank bigotry and hypocrisy shown by the left and the National Football League in the Limbaugh matter sickens me. The billions communities throw at the feet of the billionaires who own these fringe left millionaire "victims" of a non-existent racism, sickens me. It is my sincerest hope that Limbaugh sues the NFL out of existence.

Somebody, somewhere, has to scream "ENOUGH!" Somebody has to make a stand. Somebody has to tell the powerful that their ability to control lives ends where my nose starts.

I refuse to be a a part of it any longer. And anyone reading this who has the least amount of integrity or concern for our future as a nation will join with me in drawing the line in the sand that cannot be crossed.... for to do so is to do so at our peril.

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