Sunday, April 24, 2005

MORE Democratic cowardice – Sen. Craig Pridemore.

Yesterday, Saturday, April 23, Sen. Craig Pridemore (D-49) was a coward.

He voted against his own principles as well as the alleged principles of his Party.

They’re not his Party’s principles, of course. They no more care about the poor and defenseless then they do about doing the right thing for the gas tax vote in the House.

No, the cowardice of Sen. Pridemore had more to do with the fact that he not only voted against his own principles… he admitted it, and vote against them anyway!

Legislature: Pridemore reluctantly casts key tax vote
Sunday, April 24, 2005

By DON JENKINS, Columbian staff writer

OLYMPIA -- State lawmakers appear ready to end the 2005 session today, though for about one minute a Vancouver Democrat had the session derailed.

To protest higher taxes on cigarettes and alcohol, Sen. Craig Pridemore on Friday night originally voted against a $263 million revenue package that supports a two-year spending plan agreed to by House and Senate leaders.

Without Pridemore's vote, the package was one vote short of passing.

Pridemore, however, changed his vote to yes at the end of the roll call and immediately left the floor of the Senate, unhappy with what he helped approve.

"I think the Senate has balanced the budget on the backs of the poor and powerless," he said.

So, let’s vote for the budget ANYWAY! SCREW the “poor and powerless.” After all, they ARE “poor,” and they ARE “powerless,” and what Pridemore’s democrat masters in the senate or back in Clark County happen to want is FAR more important then the “poor and powerless,” right, Senator?

Would it have killed you to do the right thing? Would it have killed you to vote to PROTECT the “poor and powerless?”

You’re a coward, Senator. You ought to resign.

You won’t, of course, because, after all, you fit in with all the rest of the cowards of your party SO WELL.

At the end of the day, Senator Pridemore, a “reluctant yes” doesn’t count any differently then a full-throated, totally supportive “yes.”

You ought to be ashamed of yourself.

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