Thursday, January 25, 2018

One democrat appoints another: Inslee gives fake Republican Julie Olson a gig...

Is anyone terribly surprise that fringe-leftist democrat/fake Republican Julie Olson got this gig?

Besides the democrat daily, I mean?

I get that the appointment is perfect for her (a worthless appointment filled by a worthless candidate) but does anyone believe that she'd have gotten the gig had she been an actual Republican?

Olson gets an unexpected appointment 
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 Last week, we received an unexpected announcement from Gov. Jay Inslee. The news release included a list of appointments to various state boards and councils. Included in the appointments was Clark County Councilor Julie Olson, who now has a seat on Forensic Investigation Council.
According to the council’s website, the council oversees and helps set policies for the Forensic Laboratory Services Bureau in consultation with the chief of the Washington State Patrol. The council also makes recommendations on improvements to the death investigation system in Washington and reports its findings to the Legislature.
So how did Olson get appointed to the council? Does she quietly moonlight as a private eye?
“You have discovered my secret,” said Olson, jokingly in a text. “Actually, I saw that the position was open and I love science (my education and background). I love problem solving. I looked at it as an opportunity to use my science background as well as the added knowledge I have due to my family involvement law-enforcement.”
She said the offices the council oversees are facing “significant resource challenges,” which she hopes to help solve.
Olson and the other 3 Stooges on the council are best known for being interchangeable with their leftist opponents in their last elections.

The vote left, think left, talk left, increase taxes and fees left... in short, had ALL of them (Boldt, Blom, Stuart, Olson) we'd be paying the same taxes and fees as we are now with these fake Republicans running the show.

That's why I'd never consider voting for any of them... since if you're going to elect a leftist?

You should elect the real thing.

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