Saturday, July 11, 2015

Another column, another Lying Lefty Lou beating the hell out of Madore trope.

It's Saturday and time for Lying Lefty Lou Brancaccio to break his foot off on the dead horse of beating the hell out of Madore.

Think Lying Lefty is still irked that a weekly in Battle Ground is the county's official newspaper?

What do you think that Lying Lefty feels every time he sees the I-5 Bridge?

Lying Lefty's years of being a play ground bully go to show his inner hatred and how that impacts everything he does.

Eh.  Why bother?

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Lew Waters said...

Got bored, so I went and looked over Lefty's editorials since the 2012 elections.

157 Press Talk editorials

48% 75 directly concerned either or both of the M&M Boys or Benton (includes on the dumbass cups he hawks).

Another 16 or 10% made some sort of negative mention of either one or both of the M&M Boys or Benton.

If they ever leave office, Lefty may as well retire, he won't have anyone to smear any longer